Rush Creek Village Gallery Show in the Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch ran a brief article in its Life & Entertainment section over this past Labor Day weekend on the "Neighborhood in Harmony with Nature" show at the MAC in Worthington.

Money quote: “As I like to say,” Haase said, “we Instagrammed a house.”

The photograph of the Pepinsky Guest House is odd and doesn't communicate the space well at all.  The documentation effort lacked the proper expertise and/or lens and underscores the talent featured in the book.  Again, the work of photographers Tom Hogan and Brent Turner is simply remarkable. Their contributions to the book are as important as anything written.

Rush Creek homes are not designed for "curb appeal" or easily photographed facades.

Martha Wakefield once told the story of the time Better Homes & Gardens arrived to photograph Rush Creek Village. Early in the process of scouting shots, they packed it in, claiming that it was impossible to photograph the houses.

Not impossible, but certainly not easy, either. Like everything else about Rush Creek Village, it requires the ability to accept, and work with, the larger order of things.

Fig. 1 > Wakefield 2 House within its site  © David Kelly