The process of designing and building your Project begins with a Project site. Research and study of a particular plot of land (or multiple plots to be combined) to understand its potential and limitations for development can be performed prior to its purchase, helping you mitigate much of the risk of real estate development. We have a great deal of experience performing this kind of study, for both residential and commercial Projects.

Together, we can learn about what restrictions municipal authorities have imposed on your site, how much of the site can be developed, how much parking is required for your Project, how long it may take to build your Project and how the construction might be best phased, and what effects these realities may ultimately have on Project costs. Working with a financial consultant, I can produce a detailed development pro forma of your Project that includes available financing options.


Some Projects require a change in zoning or other variance granted by the municipal authorities in your community. You may have already retained a land use attorny to file any necessary legal documents with the local planning department (if you haven't, of course we're happy to refer you to one). I can support your efforts by meeting with local officials and community groups to help them understand your intentions for your Project. Aligning expectations among stakeholders, garnering support from decision makers, and setting forth a process for obtaining subsequent approvals can prevent unnecessary oppostion to your Project and costly delays.



Space Programming is important to quantify how much building you need, before you begin designing your Project. Providing space for future growth, or at least the means for intelligently accommodating that growth, is critical to ongoing success. I am experienced in determining clients' present space needs and anticipated growth.

Basic architectural services include the design, technical documentation, construction contract negotiations, and construction administration for your Project. These are the services that most people associate with Architects: designing, producing construction documents, and observing construction. A brief meeting can assess how extensive these services should be to make your Project a reality.


Before you purchase a building (residential or commercial) or lease space within an existing building, an Architect can perform an examination of the condition of that building, with an eye toward the Project you've envisioned. Water infiltration can cause hidden damage and propagate organics (molds) in wall cavities. Structural damage due to seismic activity, differential foundation settling, and soil erosion might not be immediately apparent but eventually present considerable costs when renovation or building out a tenant improvement Project.

I am experienced in examining existing construction (both residential and commercial) for defects and damage to building systems and materials. I can perform an examination and publish findings, with recommendations for mitigation, in a report issued directly to you for your use in evaluating your risk before purchasing or leasing.


Commercial and clinical Projects require signage for room identification, wayfinding, and corporate identity. Our experience in this aspect of design is integrating your identity and directional signage with the architecture of your Project. I feel this complimentary approach makes for more coherent spaces, easier to use and enjoy.